Wednesday, 10 February 2016


What is a renewable resource?
A renewable resource is one that can be replenished within a generation. Forests, as long as they are replanted, are a renewable resource. Materials such as oil, coal, and natural gas are known as nonrenewable resources because they require millions of years to be created. So, once the world’s supply of oil is gone, it’s gone for a long, long time.

What is a perpetual resource?
Perpetual resources are natural resources—such as solar energy, wind, and tides—that have no chance of being used in excess of their availability. They can be used for power generation and conversion to electric energy.

What are fossil fuels?
Underground fuels such as natural gas,oil, and coal are all known as fossil fuels because they are encased in rocks, just
like fossils. It takes millions of years of compression and the building up of dead plants and animals to create these fuels.

What is a fossil?
The outline of the remains of a plant or animal embedded in rock is called a fossil.Fossils are formed when a plant or animal dies and becomes covered up by sediments. Over time, the layers compress the remains, which are then embedded into the rock.

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