Friday, 22 January 2016

Indus Valley Civilisation important notes

The first notable civilization flourished in India around 2700 BC in the north western part of the Indian subcontinent. The civilization is referred to as the Harappan civilization. Most of the sites of this civilization developed on the banks of Indus, Ghaggar and its tributaries.

 • First known urban culture in India. Earliest cities complete with town planning, sanitation, drainage and broad well laid roads.

 • Double storied houses of burnt bricks(each one having bathroom, kitchen and well). Important buildings on walled cities Great Bath, Granaries and Assembly Halls.

• Agriculture main occupation Harrappans lived in rural areas.

 • Harrappans carried out external trade and developed contacts with other civilizations such ass Mesopotamia.

• Excellent potters, technical knowledge of metals, and process of alloying.

• Lothal a dockyard located in Dholaka Taluk of Ahemdabad in Gujrat. Important centre of sea trade in western world. Gujrat also had Dhaulavira while Kalibangam in Rajasthan.

 • Worshipped plants and animals and the forces of nature, testified by images of one-horned Rhino, peepal leaves and a male god.

• Language was known to them seals contains some form of script.

• Perhaps first people to cultivate cotton. Seals indicate a possible trade between the Indus valley and Mesopotamia civilisation.

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