Thursday, 21 January 2016

Co2 emissions falls in Madhya Pradesh by 22.72 lakh tonnes

The carbon dioxide emissions have declined by 22.72 lakh tonnes in Madhya Pradesh due to the generation of power from renewable energy sources.
In order to promote green energy in MP, alternative energy sources including wind, solar, biomass and minor hydel projects are being promoted.
“Due to energy generation from these projects, emission of carbon dioxide has declined by 22.72 lakh tonnes in the state”.
Currently, Madhya Pradesh is generating 1795.90 MW renewable energy in the state. Out of this, the contribution of wind energy is 943.60 MW, solar energy 683.20 MW, biomass energy 82.55 MW and from minor hydel projects 86.55 MW.
At present, 51 solar, 157 wind, six biomass energy and 49 minor hydel power projects are under process of implementation in the state, the officer said, adding that 9,188 MW green energy will be generated upon the completion of the projects.

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