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3rd April 2015

Captain Anoop Kumar Sharma has taken over as whole-time director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Essar Shipping Ltd (ESL).

>>Kailash Vajpeyi, renowned Hindi poet passed away on 1 April 2015 in New Delhi due to cardiac arrest.
  • He was one of the prominent poets in a group known as San saatth ke baad ki kavita (Post-1960 poetry) that had shaped Hindi literature.
  • His notable books includes Sankrant, Dehant Se Hatkar, Teesra Andhera and Sufinama.

 Awards- He was conferred with Sahitya Akademi award (2009) for his work Hawa mein hastakshar (Signature in the air). Lucknow University had awarded him with Vachaspati title.

>>Minor planet was named after India’s chess legend and first grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand by the Minor Planet Center.

  •  His name was given to the minor planet which was previously identified as planet 4538.
  • Now the planet will be called as 4538 Vishyanand and is located somewhere between the Mars and Jupiter.

>> India has been ranked a low 119 out of 130 countries on 2015 FM Global Resilience Index.

  • Index measures business resilience of 130 nations. It is based on economic, risk quality and supply chain factors.
  • India despite having scope and global potential was ranked 119 compared to 112th rank in 2014 Global Resilience Index.

 Top 10 Countries- Norway (1), Switzerland (2), Netherlands (3), Ireland (4), Luxembourg (5), Germany (6), Qatar (7), Canada (8), Finland (9) and United States (10). Bottom 4 countries- Dominican Republic (126), Nicaragua (127) Kyrgyz Republic (129) and Venezuela (130).

The higher ranking of country in this index indicates that it is best suited for companies seeking to avoid disruptions in their global supply chain operations.

>> President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to re-promulgate the Land Acquisition Ordinance as per Article 123 of Constitution
  • President Pranab Mukherjee has signed the ordinance as recommended by the union cabinet . The earlier ordinance is to lapse 5th April  2015, as it has not been converted into a legislation during the first part of the budget session as required under the Constitution. 

  •  The fresh ordinance, which is the 11th by the Narendra Modi government, incorporates nine amendments that were part of the bill passed in Lok Sabha last month. It is pending before the Rajya Sabha where the ruling NDA coalition lacks the numbers to get it passed. 

  • The pending measure, titled Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Bill, that was passed in Lok Sabha sought to replace the ordinance that was promulgated.

  • Earlier, President had prorogued the 234th session of the Rajya Sabha in order to pave the way for re-issuing of the Ordinance as per provisions of Constitution.

Article 123 of Constitution :
  • It gives legislative power to President. He can issue ordinances when Parliament is in recess i.e. not in session if there is urgent need to have a law on some urgent public matter. 
  • The ordinance has similar effect to an act of parliament. However, every ordinance must be laid and approved by both houses of the parliament within 6 weeks from the reassembling.
  • If not placed and approved by both houses of the parliament after reassembling it becomes invalid or lapses

>> An outline agreement on the future shape of Iran's nuclear programme has been reached after marathon talks with six major powers in Switzerland.
Under the deal, Iran will reduce its uranium enrichment capacity in exchange for phased sanctions relief.
the outline deal includes the following conditions:
  •     Iran will reduce its installed centrifuges - used to enrich uranium - by two-thirds and reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium
  •    The centrifuges that are no longer in use will be placed in storage, monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  •     All of Iran's nuclear facilities will be subject to regular IAEA inspections
  •     Iran will redesign its heavy-water reactor in Arak so that it cannot produce weapons-grade plutonium
  •     US and EU sanctions related to Iran's nuclear programme will be lifted in phases, but can be brought back if Iran does not meet its obligations.

>> France Govt passed a new law that ban the super-skinny anorexic models.
          An estimated 30,000-40,000 people in France suffer from anorexia, most of them teenagers.

>> The Election Commission wants to use a new machine which prevents disclosure of voting pattern during counting to enhance voter secrecy and has received the backing of the Law Commission, but the government is yet to take a final call on the issue.
The EC has approached the Law Ministry with a proposal to introduce ‘Totaliser’ machine for counting of votes.
The poll panel is of the view that by use of Totaliser, a further level of secrecy in voting and the mixing of votes at the time of counting will be achieved, which will prevent the disclosure of pattern of voting at a particular polling station.
>> Odisha is the leader in construction of community toilets while Gujarat is ahead of other states in building of household toilets, according to the Urban Development Ministry data.

  •  As per the data, 2,70,069 household toilets were constructed across the country during the last financial year, out of which Gujarat accounted for 60 per cent with 1,65,376 toilets.
  • Madhya Pradesh constructed 99,151 household toilets followed by Karnataka with 4,697, the data says.
  • In the segment of community toilets, a total of 1,222 seats were built during 2014-15. Odisha was ahead of others, having constructed 740 seats. Andaman & Nicobar Islands reported construction of 200 and Karnataka has built 100 community toilet seats.

>>Today is 101st Birth Anniversary of Field Marshal Sam Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw ,popularly known as Sam Bahadur.
  • He was first Indian Army officer to  be promoted to the five-star rank of Field Marshal.
  • Under his command Indian forces conducted victorious campaigns against Pakistan in the Indo-Pak wafr of 1971 that led to the liberation of Bangladesh.
  • He was awarded Padma Vibhushan and was conferred upon the rank of Field Marshal.

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